What Is Your Favorite Bug Spray When Fishing?

Tell us what bug spray you use when fishing.

It’s March 18, 2020 and the biting insects are out on the beach, roadside fishing spots and just about everywhere there is water.

This page is here so you can put up your comments about these gnats, mosquitoes, and everything else that gets all over you and starts biting when you step out of your car.

What bug spray do you use when you go fishing? Any of these below?

Ben’s 30% DEET Tick & Insect Wilderness Formula, with 30 percent deet.
Off! Deepwoods VIII, with 25 percent deet.
Repel Lemon Eucalyptus, with 30 percent lemon eucalyptus oil.
Repel Scented Family, with 15 percent deet.
Sawyer Picaridin, with 20 percent picaridin.
Natrapel 8 Hour, with 20 percent picaridin.

Comment Below – Let us know what works for you to keep the bugs off!

One thought on “What Is Your Favorite Bug Spray When Fishing?”

  1. Hi, my name is Bill. Welcome to my website Roadside Fishing. I live in Westwego, LA. Please place your comments below and they will be approved daily. I went fishing the other day and got eaten up by those little gnats and other biting insects.

    It’s time to find a bug spray that works when fishing. Please place your comments below about this topic of biting bugs. You can also comment on other pages of this site and give fishing reports and other good to know information.

    Thanks for stopping by,
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