Grand Isle Roadside Fishing

Fishing in Grand Isle on the beach or from a pier, bridge or boat can be a lot of fun for the whole family. The best part about doing roadside fishing in Grand Isle is it does not cost much to do. This article will be about how people fish in Grand Isle along with videos and pictures. The videos will be taken off of Youtube and maybe some will be produced by the publisher of this site at some future time. If you do want to contribute to this site contact Bill through his Facebook Page. If you know WordPress you can become a publisher here.

Grand Isle Fishing Updated On 12/21/2019

Roadside fishing at its best is Grand Isle LA. This catch of about 50 fish with a lot of speckled trout were caught on topwater baits. The report said a lot of action no giants but consistent nice fish. More information about this catch and others can be found on the Facebook Louisiana Fishing Page. This Grand Isle trip took place around 12/09/2019.

The video taken below is on HWY1 between Fourchon and Grand Isle.

I have fished here many times. This is the bayou that runs alongside Elmer’s Island. I have caught many fish under this bridge.

Grand Isle, LA Fishing steps from the roadside.

This site was updated on 12/21/2019. More will be added in the coming months as the inland fishing heats up. Many of these roadside fishing spots in southeast Louisiana will be turning on to the action.

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