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Lots of people have hobbies that appear to cost a lot of money and take up a great deal of extra time. Fishing, on the other hand, is a hobby you can do with devices ranging from the very most basic to the very most intricate and pricey boats. It may be accomplished from the shore of a beach or off the back of an expensive kayak or charter boat. Keep reading to learn a lot more about this comfortable hobby and how it offers a little something for everyone that wants to fish in Grand Isle Louisiana.

If a person is fishing on a river going into the Gulf Of Mexico, they must understand that there is going to be some rules that anyone must follow. Rivers are broken down into a number of pockets of fish, where people need to position themselves to catch the greatest number of fish. Positioning your motorboat in an area that is calm will help increase your results. Fishing under or by a bridge has also been known to be good fishing spots. Port Fourchon has a bridge you have to go over to get to the beach at Port Fourchon. This area is known for its surf fishing. this bridge is also known to produce some nice catches. Head on down HWY 1 to Grand Isle for more action as shown in the 1st video below.

Port Fourchon Fishing To Grand Isle

Below is a great roadside fishing spot under the bridge in Port Fourchon , LA. This person is using a nice fishing kayak.

Make yourself comfortable if you actually wish to enjoy your day on the water. Buy a top quality sport fishing chair and ensure people are dressed properly for the weather condition. A fisherman who is not comfortable will never remain on the water long enough to have a great sport fishing day.

Understand the weather at the area you plan to fish, both present conditions in addition to the everyday and hourly forecasts. Anyone will wish to avoid the opportunities of encountering severe weather condition or thunderstorms. Take a look at the weather report so you will discover the perfect location to fish without disturbances.

Saltwater Offshore Fishing

Make sure that your sportfishing line can handle a higher pound testing weight if people are salt water fishing. The testing weight helps to figure out the load the line will deal with as far as size and weight of the fish. In salt water, your fish will be larger than they are in fresh water and for that reason, a greater pound testing weight is necessary.

Offshore Fishing In Salt Water

Saltwater fish tend to notice the scent and smell of your bait a long way from where you are fishing. This is why many people throw cut up bait or chum in the water around the area they are fishing in. This will attract fish from all over the area. For this reason, it is generally advisable to fish with fresh live or fresh dead bait, when fishing in salt water. Live shrimp is the perfect bait for saltwater fish. It will attract and catch more fish then other live bait and artificial lures. Now to learn a little more abouy chumming.

Fish Bait And Chumming

To capture more fish, try chumming. Chumming is a method where you toss “cuth up bait fish” into the water you are fishing in to draw in fish. Chum might be made of ground up fish bait, canned sweet corn or even breakfast cereal. Some people will save the guts and leftovers when they clean their fish for the next fishing trip. People also empty out their freezer of old frozen food that they need to dispose of. Instead of throwing it into the garbage can they chop it up and use it as chum. this also goes for stale cereal.

A Few More Tips Before You Hit The Water!

Most people will agree that fishing is simple yet it can be very complicated, and offers obstacles for everyone despite their knowledge or past ability to catch fish. Fishing also has a lot of luck involved with it. One day you could catch 50 fish in a couple of hours and the next day at the same time and place you may just catch 1 or 2 fish or even none at all. You might switch baits and all of a sudden you start catching one fish after another and then for no reason at all the fish stop biting. Fishing expeditions have been creating terrific memories for many years, and using the ideas above, anyone can come up with their very own pleasing memories about trips to go saltwater fishing. Bring your camera with you so you do-not have to tell people about the big fish that got away, you can show them!

Grand Isle Charter Fishing

Are you here because you are looking for a Grand Isle charter fishing trip? A charter fishing trip to Grand Isle, Louisiana is one that you will always remember. Are you looking for a deep sea fishing trip or an inland water charter trip? The deep sea trip will take you 10 to 30 miles offshore and have you fishing in water 100 to 200 feet deep while the inland trip will have you fishing in water 2 to 6 feet deep. Both trips are a lot of fun and you will probably limit out on whatever you are fishing for.

Port Fourchon To Grand Isle Fishing Charters

Below are some links to some charter fishing trips in the Grand Isle to Port Fourchon, LA area. – Laid Back Charter
More charter fishing listings coming in the future.

Kayak fishing at the Golden Meadow Bridge and public boat launch.

You can do roadside fishing from this bridge all the way to Grand Isle. The old highway is perfect for roadside fishing. The best part about this area is that most of the traffic takes the new high rise bridge which leaves very little traffic on Old Hwy 1. There are all your old fishing holes still where they were from 30 years ago but a little less vegetation and more water. Old Hwy 1 does not get any better then that!!! In the next month or two I will be taking some trips to roadside fishing spots in SE louisiana and adding them to this site. So check back from time to time to see what I am up to.

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